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Private Proxies Not Working/Unable to update GSA SER

Currently running on GSA SER V7.05, when I am prompted to update to .06 it downloads, installs, and then restarts GSA and asks me again if i want to download the update. This circle continues and GSA never updates to the new version which is a pain in the ass since perhaps updating will solve the real issue I am having.

I've used the system for months and know what I am doing so lets get that out of the way. Currently GSA SER fails all of my private proxies, I am using 30 private proxies split between 2 providers. All 30 pass testing on SB, Gscraper, and Ultimate Demon, I also tested a random 5 proxies on my web browser and they also worked as they should. There must be some underlying issue with V7.05 because I had no issues until I updated, however now I am unable to update to .06 so I am not sure what to do at this point. 

Uninstall and re install is really not an option, I have 32 projects that I can't afford to lose.


  • SvenSven
    the update loop is fixed but I don't see why the proxy testing would fail...if you don't mind, send me such a proxy in pm for debugging.
  • Will do, I'll go ahead and run the update and see if that manages to do anything and if I still have the issue I will send over a proxy. Appreciate the quick response Sven.
  • Everything is working as it should now, proxies passed testing and GSA is posting. Very strange, but updating seems to have solved the issue. Thanks again.
  • Really?  I will try mine again.  I just tried a few mins ago and I got all failed still. :(
  • Proxies failed on 7.07?

  • I just tried 7.07 with proxies from Squid Proxies, BuyProxies, and SharedProxies and they pretty much all still failed.
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    It's possible I spoke too soon, all of mine are failing once again.....sigh lol going to shoot Sven a pm and let him test my proxies

    Edit: Restarted GSA and its working now 27 out of 30 private proxies working.
  • hi guys I have updated to 7.07 and still massage : No proxies available
  • Any new updates on this?  I am still having the same problem.
  • SvenSven
    Well how do you test things?
  • Hey Sven - I have proxies from about 3 providers and I am adding them into GSA and testing against Google and they are all coming up as failed, but I test the same proxies in other software like scrapebox, etc and they all work fine.
  • SvenSven
    give me some of them to debug on and I tell you if they really work ;)
  • LOL OK, sending them over now...
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    I have 20 private proxies! When i test on GSA v 7.07, it's failed 16/20 but it's worked fine when i test on scrapebox
  • OK, I finally got mine to work.  I had to work with BuyProxies (not sure what they did exactly) but it took 2 new batches of proxies to get some that worked.  I am not back to rocking.
  • I guess I spoke too soon - they are now not working again, showing as failed :(  This is beyond frustrating.
  • SvenSven
    But Im sure they are banned than. What do you use for "waiting time between search engines"?
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    hey i have a similar problem

    i buy 20 private proxies and when i start running the project i receive a message of 
    "Proxy xx.xx.x.x. might be blocked"

    i contact the seller ( and he change my list of proxies but i receive the same message with the new proxies

    any idea?

    i use private proxies for submission, verification and search engines

    custom time between search engines 180 seconds

    100 threads running with 130 html timeout
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    I have the same problem today, changed my proxy list 3 times and there are always dead proxies just after a few minutes ! never experienced this before and provides great proxies as far, so I don't think they're sending me dead proxies as a fresh list..
  • SvenSven
    If someone thinks there is a problem, please give me that proxy in private message and don't use it...I will debug on it asap.
  • SvenSven
    Also note that "Proxy xx.xx.x.x. might be blocked" really means MIGHT!
  • goonergooner
    edited November 2013
    I am in the same boat as @grax1, since 2 days ago i have abandoned all scraping with SER due to this problem.

    Tomorrow or Monday i will let all my proxies run for 24 hours on SER then send some to you Sven for debugging. Cheers

    Edit: Should also say i am not worried about the "might be blocked" message, i am worried by the low thread count, lower submissions and the constant "...loaded sites from global lists" messages.
  • hi sven i understand, but allways im getting this... 

    19:58:59: [ ] 000/000 [Page END] results on google SL for DZOIC Handshakes with query "powered by DZOIC Handshakes Professional" blogs 

  • Why not just use previous version until this issue is sorted out?  That's what I did and everything is working fine.
  • My verifieds count also seems to be quite low with private proxies showing blocked and might be blocked much too often. Checking with scrapebox, proxies appear to be working fine...
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    Same with me, changing proxy list with buyproxy every 2min's , even when SER not working proxies dying.

    Guy from buyproxy told me that google made some changes,forcing more ssl searches, and that is more restrictive now on searches with advnaced operators like "intitle:" etc

  • Show me your settings on GSA !
  • goonergooner
    Yes, the buyproxy guy is right - This is a relatively new problem.

    I made a request to Sven with a solution to this problem here:

    If you enough of us would like that feature, perhaps Sven will consider adding it.
  • I have the same issue, i am 100% sure my proxies are not banned but they don't work in SER for google scraping.

    Also my projects seems to not pause since 7.08.
  • Same problem here... 

    Proxies working when testing in Scrapbox but showing as failing in SER since 7.08
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