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Problems with email verification and LOGIN1 step

edited November 2013 in Need Help
Hello, Since I wanted to understand better how GSA SER tool works I chose engine - XOOPS, I set up a XOOPS environment to test SER on it. I created special e-mail for it. I ran it. It submitted the registration. And now it had to confirm the registration trough email. It said that it scanned email - email count was correct, URL count was correct, but it did nothing with the URL, everything sopped here. I tried everything. I did not understand why it does not work. And I don't know how the checking works(except that it looks for the same domain) and I don't have detailed info of what SER did in the email and what he saw, so I don't have any info to work with. I gave up on this. I scanned the forums, and I saw that many people have this email verification problem. And now the second problem. I gave up on the email. So I went to XOOPS settings and turned off the need to activate user by email. Now I got to a point where the registration was successful. But everything stops at this point, and there is no log in. It does not even try to log in. And again I don't know what logic is behind this. When SER will try to login after succesful registration. Did not find anything like that in the settings and I don't have detailed log of what is actually happening. And now again I'm stuck. Can you give me your comments on this ?


  • Sorry - *I scanned the forums, and I saw that many peopl have this email verification problem.
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