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Check for updates bug when can't reach

edited October 2012 in Bugs
As I have posted before using my default ip address i cannot access I have to use hma vpn to access this forum. I have talked with my isp and since the tracert shows the fail is happening in germany and thus outside of their network they can't help. They have tried to contact where it is failing but with no avail. I am sure this is not very common but if I start SER on my local computer without hma vpn running and click, check updates I get a message saying it is up to date, then when i connect to my hma vpn and check for updates I get that I need an update since it was able to get the correct info from the server.

All that to say, perhaps we could get a message in the check for updates if it can't reach the server, than it could say that instead of saying it is up to date.

Also it might be nice, if its not too much trouble, to have another license and update server set up on a different domain, perhaps a .com or something so people like me that can't reach the website can still start and update the software accordingly. 


  • SvenSven
    upcoming version will give you an error message.
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