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I have a question about blog comments and page rank please....

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I was taking a look at some of the blog comments the GSA software was making for me and I noticed some of them have anchor text that has nothing to do with my anchor text that I setup in the project.  I also noticed that on these sites where the erroneous anchor text occurs that the OBL's are extremely high.  This is probably some setting I have.  Here is the anchor text the software picked and its pointing to the link  that has the high OBL's and "Casino party supplies" has nothing to do with my niche. Now that blog comment does point to the root domain of which my page is on, but it is an old link that is not pointing to my page.  So I believe its not my link and should not be showing up, again its probably a setting that I seem to have missed.  In another instance this link there is an erroneous anchor text "gold man," again its not my niche and the url its pointing to does not work.  I just dont understand why the software would pick it up as one of my links if its an older link which you can tell by the date and also that it has an anchor text that the software should be able to tell is not one of mine.  Its probably some setting I have srewed up.  Can anybody help out? 

Now on the occasions when the anchor text are correct then the software is following my OBL's settings.

Now for the PR issue.  If GSA is saying it posted to a PR of 4 I am finding that the Root domain is the PR 4 but the page that was actually created by the software usually has a PR of N/A or PR 0.  Is this the way its suppose to be?  I thought it was going to find pages that had the PR and not the Root domains.




  • SvenSven

    Hi Tim,

    it seems you are kind of new to the software? There is a setting to change the PR discovery to the page instead of the domain. Also it seems you used some options that would explain your behavior like the root domain. If you want you can post your project backup somewhere and I have a look. Im sure it's within your settings.

  • Yes, you are correct I am very new to this software.  I thought I was careful when making my choices.  I even went back and look at my settings to see if anything made sense to what I was seeing.  So I need to change the setting that says PR for page, ok makes sense, I must have missed that one.  Although I cannot for the life of me think of why there would be a setting that would have the software pick up comments that I did not make and show them as verified links like the ones I show on my original post.  Which setting would cause this to happen?  As I said, it most likely is me that's messed something up.  I'll look through my settings and see what I can find.  If you know a specific setting that causes the software to pick links that are not mine and set them as verified comments, please let me know, and I'll get it changed right away.  Thanks for your help and thanks for this awesome piece of software.





  • Sven,

    Ok I went through the software, and this is what I found.  I had "Also unknown PR us PR page" un-checked.  The reason I left that one un-checked was I thought it  would only us PR page if it could not find the PR of the domain.  Guess I confused myself there.  The other setting that I think is a problem now that I look at it, is the "Also analyse and post to competitors backlinks".  I had this one checked because I thought the software was going to find backlinks that match my settings and then make a post with my anchor text.  Do you think these two settings are the reason for my problems?


  • yep that should fix it,
  • Sven,

    I'm about to go to sleep, but I think I found my problem and you can tell me if it's me or the software.  There is a setting that I have selected  " Verified links must have exact URL" and when I hover over it for an explanation it tells me this is for when you have a popular link like or one of the many others.  Now my understanding is by checking this it will prevent the software from finding any links and marking them verified unless they have only the exact url that I entered.  Well, that is exactly my problem.  My link root domian is a link, and I have the link to one of my lenses entered and even with this setting the program is finding blog comments and other links that are old and that point just to the root domain  So I think the software is not recognising that I have this option selected, and therfore is the reason I am getting these verified links that are not mine.  Almost all the ones it has as verified are on pages that have heavy OBL's , most like in the thousands and almost all the links point to the root domain www. and not my lens.  I am relieved that they do not point to my lens ofcourse, but how do I stop the software from selecting these in the first place?  I am pretty sure I'm  understanding what the setting is to do, I just don't think its working correctly.  Is this a bug?
    I check back when I wake up to see your response.




  • SvenSven

    Why can't people format there text. One big block of text is hard to read especially technical stuff. Anyway you have to check that "verify exact url" and than it will not verify anything else unless you have that other URL in the box (yes it can hold more than one URL). The links you see as verified now must come from time where you didn't check that option afaik.

  • OK first things first.  If you want to have the post written a certain way than just ask and I'll be happy to give you what you want.  I really don't appreciate you starting off a reply complaining "Why don't people......"  Its rude and I really don't appreciate that.

    Now I am sorry for the big block of text but I was tired and I just tried to type it fast so I could get to sleep, I'll try to write better in the future, OK.

    I do have the box checked "verify exact URL", I have always had it selected since I bought the software and it still is finding links that are not mine, but these links do have the root domain of my URL which is a lens URL.  So for some reason the software is picking up links that have nothing to do with my project and are including them in my verified URL list.  Again I do have the "Verify exact URL" ticked off.

    Thanks for your time Sven and I hope you have a good day.  Please let me know if there is anything else I can check or if its me not understanding you.  Please try to explain it in a newbie way as I am trying very hard to learn to use this software to its fullest ability.


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Is this for a tier 2 project? If so, it'd explain the links that aren't yours coming up. 
  • Thanks GlobalGoogler.

     No. This is my first project since I bought the software.  I actually just started a tier 2 project today and it seems to be running just like I set it up.  Since these erroneous links that are showing up in my verified list don't point to my site I am not going to worry about it anymore.  I was passing the info along just encase it was a bug in the program.
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