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GSA and Spin Rewriter Error

nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
Everytime i try to use Spin Rewriter by using GSA SER it spin half  (just title of article / some time half of article ) and get a massage spin rewriter needs 10seconds  : / even i can't spin one single article via Sprin rewriter by using GSA .

PS : i didnt exceed 100Quotes of Spin rewirter

Anyone help may be @Sven ^ ^

Also if theres a great way to use (devlope) GSA with Spin rewriter and other will be great one option to select under option (right now sometimes GSA use Free spinner in some parts we even dont know which API it use i mean wether its Spin rewriter or Free best spiner or what ever )

Sorry @Sven for my english! Im not a native speaker and too sleepy so i didn't wana correct spellings too :D hope you understand what im saying please :)


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