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How to get PR5 from PR2

I've websites with PR2 and I want they to become PR5.

I really don't want get Google wegmaster tools message of spammy links.

My opinion would be to buy expired domains PR 3/4/5 and put website + content with links.
Do I start GSA projects on this expired domains only or also to PR2 with very high filters like only .de domains with .de content and mini 5 andmax 40 OBL

What do you suggest ?

Does anyone get PR 2 to PR 5, how and how long does it takes ?

Thanks for your help on these forum, I really appreciate.


  • Google hasn't updated the page rank for many many months and rumour has it that it's going to be made obsolete, so don't get too hung up on page rank. However, I assume from your post that you want to sell links from a PR5 site eventually, if so, just buy an expired PR5 domain.

    If that's not the case, then it could take years to get to PR5 if Google decides to update the PR system. I doubt they will. I have lots of PR0 sites outranking PR6-7-8 sites. So page rank is not an indicator of ranking highly. Your idea about buying expired domains, adding content and links to your PR2 money site will be a solid format to rank your PR2 sites highly. I suggest reading this forum a bit more, testing with SER on some throw-away domains and figuring our your strategy to use SER effectively, as what works for 1 site might not work for another.

    Others on this forum have asked for a page authority/domain authority tracker to be added to SER instead of PR, which would be handier as Moz updates DA/PA more often than Google updates page rank.

  • Hi, you're right Pagerank is no more the authority tracker but I've a friend who want his site PR 5.
    Iv' bought expired domains PR 3/4/5 for links to his site.

    Thanks for your answer.
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