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GSA Seo Indexer together with GSA Ser

Hi all, I'm just very new to GSA Ser and I'm trying to learn at the moment. I own now from GSA the GSA Ser, GSA Captcha Breaker and GSA Indexer. But I'm wondering how the Indexer gets all the verified links from GSA Ser ? Do I have to start GSA indexer AND Ser (both ?) or does the GSA Ser start the indexer software automatically if new verified links where found and put these in a queue ? I didn't find an answer - perhaps someone can help me... Thanks, magix


  • SvenSven
    GSA SER starts the SEO Indexer automatically. If it doesn't, you have to start it manually. ut once done, the links are sent to the program automatically.
  • Okay - thanks for your help. Great software but a lot to learn :-)
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