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Is GSA Auto Website Submitter good for SEO ?

Hi guys, I was wondering is GSA Auto Website Submitter actually good and safe? I mean is it worth it to buy it? Will my website get a higher position in google? Thanks in advance for replying!~


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    Its good and cheaper than senuke image
  • dkurilkodkurilko Minnesota
    It it, learn to use it correctly and let it run 24/7...
  • @dkurilko, @linkuxuser - do you use it in addition to SER ? Just wondering if it has any additional functions that SER cannot do on its own. It is also a lot more expensive than SER. What's the catch ?
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    @sven - wanted to test this software, but seems complicated. It does not:
    a) cannot import emails like SER;
    b) does not autoverify emails like SER;

    Can these features be implemented ?
  • SvenSven

    a) it allows it and I think it's mentioned in docu as well

    b) one email is enough need to add more than once

    c) it does, just use the Tools menu

  • thanks @sven, is there any chance you would integrate website submitter with captchabraker ?
  • SvenSven
    its already added there.
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