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Extremely low verification rate


I have set SER to delete links from emails when verified. Just checked my emails and found 200+ deleted emails. 
So SER is finding these emails but can't verify.
I have only set it for 10 submissions per day.
My settings are:


@Sven, please solve this problem. If required, I can PM you my VPS login details.


  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited November 2013

    Myself and another forum member were discussing a similar issue the other day.

    I'm not sure if my emails are being deleted, but I'm finding that I've got what seems to be an unusually high percentage (96%) of sites in the submissions pop up showing [awaiting email verification].

    Will go and check for deleted emails now.

  • I have the same problem, lots of submissions but almost no verifications. Anyone?
  • In most cases you won't get a email when ur links are presented on a web page, you will get emails when u successfully register an account. Try to change the status to verify only other than verify emails, see if the #s goes up.
  • I am also facing the same problem. Lots of submissions but extremely low verification and SER shows pending account verification but there are no emails ( have set them to delete ).
  • posted a project yesterday and look the verification rate. Do I need to check the emails or somthin? Anyone a little help here please.


  • I guess sven is out of town for sometime. 
    Hope he comes back soon and replies asap.
  • we hope, because i am not getting any verifications and that really starts to pisses me off. (Not anyone but the situation)
  • yup.mine also happen like this
  • so, any updates on this post?
  • I have the same issue. A lot of links are "awaiting email verification". Maybe it's outlook. Which email provider do you guys use?
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    There may be many reasons
    and if you G search THIS forum,
    then you may find many suggestions.

    One particular case that certainly occurs more often (experienced many times when doing ALL account verification manually thousands of tines in earlier years)

    yesterday, I received among others account verification details with user/pwd
    there was NO site name NOR link provided in that email
    hence impossible for SER to verify and use that site/account

    in addition
    that email had WRONG senders-address
    a senders-address (email only) of a
    senders-domain .co
    instead of .com

    hence again impossible for SER to guess who sent the email and thus what account to use

    I have seen such MIS-configuration of email by site-owners in painfully large numbers
    = such are ALL pending account verification for ever

    by choosing YOUR engines AND minimum PR
    you may also choose the overall quality of sites used

    if yu use the old-fashioned traditional article directories, you surely may encounter lots of such cheap mis-configured sites / email verification systems

    when you choose high quality blog platforms = you rarely should have such systems

    when you choose PR N/A as minimum,
    then you also include the masses of FREE-hosting accounts often down when monthly quota exceeded = around mid month or even earlier

    by choosing PR0 or higher as minimum, the quality of site-management / webmaster starts to increase
  • @hans51 thanks for the explanation but I don't think it's the case, at least for me. I use only the most efficient engines and optimized footprints and have been suing them for awhile. 

    I thought it was emails but after replacing emails and cleaning URL history it's still the same. Created new projects with new emails but still seeing most of my links are "awaiting verification". Really scratching my head now 
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