Very few verified links for spanish content

I am building links for a Spanish project what happens is there are almost all of them 0 verified links in all tiers, what could be wrong?

Its been like that for 2 days



I selected the search engines by a language (Spanish) or am I wrong?



  • are you using this same options for all your projects?
  • options yes,
  • anyone?
  • "very few" is a relative statement

    a clear number of submitted vs verified might give a more precise picture

    also what engines you submit to ?
    how much your CPU % = are you sure your CPU can handle 200 threads ?

    more wiki + more web20 + more social network + more blog atricles = more verified with strictly hman readable article on entire projects + all Tiers

    I currently do 33 threads / 50 private proxies ((currently 64) on atom CPU and slow www with less than 500kbp/s = my own bandwidth used for all 3 projects with T1/T2 each = approx 250kb/s and my CPU mostly at or near 99%

    = daily 4000-6000 submissions (some days a few thousand more) and in most cases 60-80% verified / rarely lower average verified %

    currently ALL submissions from global list "identified" only
  • mich158mich158 Zamunda
    edited November 2013
    Sorry I dont know how to check what engines I am submitting to. Can you clarify this to me? (Newbie here)

    Actually I am now running at 230 threads now. Here are the details:


    Running on VPS:

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