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Is it useful to have severeal SER running ? If yes how run them ?

Hi all,

I've 6 VPS and for each VPS 1 "pack" of SER+CB+SEO Indexer.
I manage 600 websites so I put 100 websites on 1 pack with 1 VPS.

I run with the scheduler and for each websites I've create a project with T1, several T2 and T3 like @ozz suggest

My bottle of neck is to "import url" and "crawl online URL"

I've a mSP SSD OVH server with Debian and Proxmox for 3 VPS with Windows 2008 server

I've taken a server at too for the next 3 VPS

But it's not user friendly to connect to the VPS console with a Mac.

I think
* install on a mac, parallels with 6 windows
* Buy 6 laptop
* Take a big server for install 6 VPS
* Better solution...

What do you suggest ?

Thanks for your help


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