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question on the pr check function

I recently started using a pr minimum for some projects as tests. And I have the option checked to save pr for sites already run thru my global lists before.

I am now wondering though about something.

If I am not using any proxies, and gsa does enough pr checks on newly added links, and google blocks anymore pr checks, does gsa start skipping sites altogether, or adding them to a que to recheck later or what happens here?

I just thought of this recently and hope I havent been wasting a ton of time and burning otherwise good links because of a pr block



  • SvenSven
    If no PR can be discovered, it is skipped. But that unknown PR is not added to site lists.
  • googlealchemistgooglealchemist Anywhere I want
    thanks. so does that mean it is skipped permanently or that it comes back to it later?

    damnit i must be missing tons of sites by not having any proxies. is there a way to detect if/when google has blocked me so i know?
  • SvenSven

    permanently skipped sorry. You can delete target url history and they will be used again.

    bans by google are shown in the log. 

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