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Question on Url (anchor1|anchor2|anchor3} vs keywords

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Hi guys,
Been using GSA for over 6 months however I have never used a forum like this (mostly v-bulletin and what not).  Hopefully this works.

Watching S4ntos video: GSA SER - Setting Up a Successful Campaign (part 1)  and he talks about using url for example:|keyword2} vs actually using words in the keyword slot.  He doesnt explain exactly what the difference is.  He says the first way "locks it in".  Not sure what that means.  Can anyone explain to me the difference?


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    It means you can lock anchors with the URL its assigned to{anchor1|anchor2|anchor3}{anchor1|anchor2|anchor3}

    The anchors that are in the spun text after the URL will be used for that URL. If you were to just put your anchors in the anchor text box, they would be used for all the URL's that don't have anchors assigned to them.

    So if you want a specific anchor assigned to that URL, then use it like the format shown above.
  • Got it.  Thanks bro.  
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