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email verificattion failed

i have tested hotmail nd gamil nd aol accounts, the all failed to veryfy on gsa. help


  • SvenSven

    GSA = GSA SER ?

    Anyway click "Find settings" and than just click to verify one Email. You should get a more detailed error description. Make sure no other program is blocking access to it.

  • it just says all failed, how do i check if anything is blocking gsa search engine ranker?, im using a vps, mayb there is a windows programme that i should install on my vps
  • SvenSven
    All failed means you checked all emails. I asked you to check just one (selected). Then you get a more detailed error message.
  • oh i found out the problem, my vps was blocking gsa, all sorted thanks
  • please i am have similar problem how did u solve yours.

  • first login to each one of your emails to confirm that they are active, then check if all the pop3 info is ok on your gsa, then contact your vps admin to check everything on their side 
  • edited December 2015
    sometimes too its because you are using the wrong email type- most people use right now...

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