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 is hosting the domains on the local countrys important when it comes to rank sites?

Let´s say the language spanish, does the website must be hosted on spain or have a spain domain? or this is not important at all



  • I think the domain is far more important than the hosting location. However why not do both just to be sure? That's what I do.
  • goonergooner
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    @tgoogle - I agree with @spunko2010, the domain is more important than hosting.

    I have tons of clients in UK and AUS hosted on US servers, I also have UK and AUS clients who host their own sites on country specific servers and it doesn't seem to make much difference in terms of rankings.

    If you have the budget for country specific hosting then go for it, if not i wouldn't worry about it.
  • Use 'keyword + Spain/Espana' or 'keyword Madrid/Barcelona' as your anchors.

    HostGator/GoDaddy etc with their US servers are the most popular in the world. I doubt that people ranking in Hawaii have Hawaii-based hosts.

  • @judderman what if the keyword is already in the target language? EG if your keyword is Chien (dog) would you do Chien+ France or "Chien by itself?
  • If you Google 'chien' in you will get different results to 'chien France' (still on

    BUT, if you Google 'chien' on then you get different results again. 

    Therefore, I still think that keyword + country will work for the OP. Similiarly, if it was an English word that doesn't not translate to another language but your goal was to rank that English word in or then it would be the same. You can set a preferred location in Google WebMaster Tools to 'point' the website at a certain location, too, which would be useful although I'm not sure what the process is for those people that don't use GWMT.

  • can you set the location at google webmaster tools for 2 countries on the same language or just one?
  • I don't think so. But, if you look at this

    Getting links from the relevant countries ie. !.fr for French, !.es for Spanish and focusing SER on those TLDs will help rank it in those countries. I still believe that having a % of anchors with the country name would be beneficial especially if it is a .com with US hosting trying to rank in France, for example.

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    yeh since I have a .com, hosting and domains looks like is not really needed

    But: having a domain in google webmaster tools for the language country + getting links from the same language countries
  • Based on 15 years global publishing (1997-2012) to a global public from 220+ countries in en, de, es, fr languages and some in ru, bg and others

    special manual link-building was done in es language countries across all S-America from MX to CL in almost all countries = also for inner pages,
    as well as for DE pages and FR pages

    All you really need is a high end hosting with fast server and ten thousands of BLs from all across the planet.
    During low season 25-30k uv/d
    peak season 80+k uv/d

    European vs US hosting
    here I made an amazing experience

    the first many years I was on US hosting = various hosting companies
    due to extreme lack of quality awareness in US mentality, I finally moved to top EU host and instantly = within the hour, I had some 30% MORE traffic vs US hosting!

    simple common sense!

    some 40 countries do censure access to www
    the one country to block MOST of course is USA
    hence as soon as I moved to Europe (German top host there apparently was NO or much less censorship = hence the instant lasting increase in traffic.

    hence just do for a global site as you do for a single country site, just more and better quality links from all over the world
  • Hans thanks for the share bud! 

    How do you do when backlinking? content in country language or english content with anchor language?

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