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Any suggestion tool to make gsa ser easy to use

Currently i have buy

1) GSA Search Engine Ranker
2) GSA Captcha Breaker
3) GSA SEO Indexer
4) Captcha Sniper
5) Window VPS
6) Semi Private Provies
7) WIcked Article Creator
8) Spamvilla for Recaptcha

Plan to buy
1) WizMail - Mass Email Account Creator

What else should i buy so that my life will be easy when using gsa ser?


  • That all sounds correct and is pretty much what I have apart from I have tonnes of content and WordAi instead of WAC and I dropped my semi proxies for private ones. WizMail is on my list too.

    You could make it even easier on yourself and buy the data packs from if you want to be lazy.

    Other than the above, you could add in Scrapebox or GScraper for footprints/target sites and an Indexing service (various to choose from) to run alongside GSA SEO Indexer.
  • I forget to mention now i am using the incredible indexer and instant link indexer service for 5 days trial

    i might buy the the incredible indexer service because their cheap price and daily allow 100k backlink adding

    where can i find all the gsa footprint/target site to use it on scrapebox?
  • Cool, InstantIndexer was what I was going to recommend, that's next on my list of things to buy.

    I got this footprint list a while ago but haven't test them yet so can't comment on how good/bad it is, hope it helps though:
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