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Kontent Machine 3 - Some Thoughts on it for SER

First off,  Anyone know how I can go back to KM2?

Kontent Machine 3 is a lot slower than KM2 for one,  Also, When generating campaigns  it will leave out certain fields such as categories and the about me section.  Also, When you do the About Me section in KM3  It will almost always crash. :/

Also When you build your own template.  It will not let you import that into SER. 

Overall the content seems pretty good but at this time Just doesn't look like it mixes very well for SER at all.  Maybe once they get all the bugs fixed it might. 

Kinda regretting that Lifetime payment. :(

Anyone else have any good Or bad experiences with KM3? 


  • @hunar I also bought KM3 and it seems x times slower as ACW.
    Not sure about the quality of the content, haven't read it yet. Have big hopes for using it on micro niches after google will improve its ability to catch up machine created text.

    Biggest problem - it keeps crushing if I insert more than one keyword for the campaign.
  •  why km always said can't find enough data for me ?
    need proxies ?
  • I was happier with the output of KM2. With KM3 it's generating a lot unrelated content and keywords. I'm hoping they fix it as KM2 was my favorite content generator.
  • I actually was able to find the latest KM2 version.  and I still use that.   KM3,  Just doesn't seem to put out the content for SER Any longer. :/
  • Strange, although there's still a few bugs (which are getting ironed out in their pretty much daily updates) I find KM3 works perfectly with SER, and even in its current state is still a much better tool than KM2.

    I would like to see the option available to specify the keyword match type that it uses for scraping, if it doesn't have it already?
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    I can put in very generic keywords for Km3,  Like Skin Care.  Or Diet.  And KM3 Will not find any content for it.  I go back to KM2 put in those same generic keywords and it puts out content.  So can't be the proxies.  :/
  • @Hunar : I have the same problem here.. where did you find the latest KM2 version ? I would like to go back to this version also. Thanks !
  • I had actually emailed the support and asked for it and they had sent it to me.

  • ronron

    Version 3 seems to work fine (although it hung the very first time I used it). Since then, no problems.

    I never import the fields as I only bring in the title, summary and body which is not a lot. I did try saving a blueprint which worked - except it didn't save the anchor text token in the blueprint. Not sure why. 

  • @ron Are you still using KM to create content for your tier 1's? I was using KM along with SER for Tier 1's to my MS and got hit pretty hard on Googles last update.
  • ronron
    Yes. It's not the content, it is the selection of properties/links. Just put a PR filter on the projects. Remember that SEO goes beyond GSA SER. It is just a tool to get a lot of work done. But other manual high quality links should still be pursued.
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    @Ron Since the last update I now have all my tier 1's set to PR 3+. Are you also still having KM ad a contextual link inside the article?
  • friends is your GSA export option working in KM3?

    mine is not exporting article when i choose GSA premade template. :(
  • My export option is working fine with GSA.
  • Interesting thread because KM3 is much faster for me. I've tried almost every article scraper out there and KM works great for me.
  • Guys, a question on those using KM3

    1) Do you guys use the contextual links function?
    2) If you do use it, that means you need to make sure GSA doesn't insert link (as you've already inserted it in KM3). How do you make sure GSA doesn't add an additional link?

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