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GSA Email Spider: Automailer with proxies

edited November 2013 in GSA Email Spider
I have a question regarding the Automailer, DirectSend and proxy servers.

If you setup the automailer to direct-send using proxy servers (from the proxy scraper), will the program send using any loaded proxy (socks or not), or the proxies are only for spidering, and not for mailing?

I know DirectSend has poor delivery rates, but I want to use it anyway.

I'm using GSA Email Spider 7.02 registered version.



  • SvenSven
    The proxies are just used for spidering ... but I might add this as feature. Though almost no proxy allows proper email usage.
  • Thanks for your reply Sven.

    In that case it would be better if you can add some SMTP rotation manager instead.

    By the way, every tool I bought from you was great.

    All the best

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