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What ever happend to the "Add New Platform" Option?

edited November 2013 in Need Help
Hi, I just recently started using GSA SER again and I noticed that @Sven posted a new update for a new platform IPBoard.

Usually all I would have to do is right click on the project and hit the "Add New Platform" or "Add New Engines" I forgot which one it is, but for some reason I don't see this option anymore.

Was this option removed?


  • You're right, it used to be Modify Project > Use new engines, but no there on v6.99
  • @Sven could you add this feature back?

    I spent a lot of time de-selecting engines that do not produce good results and when you add new platforms in the future it's going to be hard to determine which one is new and which one's I've previously deselected due to them not producing good results.

    Could you please add this feature back? If not, at least could you make it so that new engines that have never been selected before are a different color? 
  • SvenSven
    It's there, but just for the first time this platform pops up. Not available on the next update.
  • I see. Thanks
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