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Question about tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3

Now i have use the backlinks indexer service like instant link indexer that can index around 75% of the backlink fast.

So like to know is that enough to create just tier 1 backlink for my money site or need also create tier 2 backlink to support tier 1 backlink?


  • Sure I would like to know this too...
  • im interested too :)
  • the primary reason for building tiers may not be to get sites index.  It is to improve the overall quality of your links-pushing what little "derived link juice" there may be upwards.  
    look at it as enhancing your sales funnel
    will the link have more value if it gets indexed and then there is nothing else done to it.
    How is page rank/authority built anyway?
    What would happen if you did this to your money site?

  • edited November 2013
    someone said to me recently that google is not updating page rnak at all this year as said form mat cutt's mouth. so does this make the link juice theory moot? im not saying one way or the other just throwing it into the discussion.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited November 2013
    They're most likely not going to update the toolbar PR gadget this year (It hasn't been updated since Feb.)

    Page Rank is still alive and well, and is fundamental to google's ranking algo.

    Apart from pushing link juice and indexing, an important factor of tiered link building (which a lot of people miss) is the fact that it also creates contextual relevance through content and co-citation.

    Google is all about relevance, and staying relevant for it's users.
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