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Email Verification Problem

Im trying to set up a campaign for the first time as I have just recently purchased GSA SER, I can't seem to verify an email or any emails I put in when I click test, I've checked to see if they have been blacklisted in which they are still ok, I'm not sure exactly what the problem is, I've checked for answers in this forum but no one seems to have started one but if there is please delete this thread. Anybody know what this problem would be. I've attached a screen shot.Thanks in advance


  • SvenSven
    Maybe blocked by anti virus or firewall? But that error shows that login or password is wrong.
  • Hey sven,
    I have no antivirus installed as I'm running on VPS. GSA ser is on my allowed list on the firewall. I've tried 3 different emails and I still get the same message :S.
  • Actually you are right sven, It was my password that was causing the problem, I mixed up the passwords.thanks 
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