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[REQUEST] What About Link Removal Projects (FOR PENGUIN)

edited October 2012 in Feature Requests
Hello guys,

You know with all this Google Algorithms sometimes we can recover just removing the links that cause the penalty, lets say we have too much anchor text or the domain who has our link got deindexed.

I was thinking that will be nice if you guys could add a feature to automatically remove a link I don't know if it's too hard but I propose that it could be done in the verified links area you can add an option that says remove link from source or something like that and the software automatically logs in search for the backlink with the data that is using the verified table and delete them.

Let me know if this can be done it will be a really nice feature.



  • SvenSven
    Thats to hard to code. It might work for some engines that have a login but thats it. The program will not be able to delete links from e.g. comments or alike. 
  • Yeah...I don't know of ANY program on the market that could do this.
  • Well it can be done for engines such as forums, profiles, etc.... what do you think?... This will be a unique feature
  • would be great for wikis and social network sites too
  • Exactly every engine that has login info i think you guys can do it I understand that for the ones that don't generate the account info its impossible... But i think with these engines will be enough to recover
  • sven do not waste time doing such things. it was proven hundreds times by linkbuilders - that it ALMOST NEVER works - i mean deleted backlinks. honestly @raumaitre - do not waste time, give up websites hit by google animals and build new ones.
  • SvenSven
    Its not that hard to code for sites where the login data is known...all that has to be done is login and instead of posting your real URL it will post some fake one and done. But there are really bigger things to code than that (microblogging link, rss, email blacklist etc...)
  • Sven try to do it just for the easiest one, I know that for the rest is impossible, if you can put it in your to do list, think about it how many people will benefit from that feature. @locash when you have a client who don't want to change their domain at least  you can try cleaning their profile and start bulding high quality links, i'm sure it will recover.
  • SvenSven
    well all I can add is just delete links from sites build with our program. For anything else I would need them to import accounts + url.
  • That will be amazing!
  • Sven i was just about to start a new thread when i saw this one. I was going to ask you could you add the ability to login and the change anchor text and url on projects created in gsa ser. I too am all for new platforms being added, the more the merrier! But i would really appreciate it if you could add that feature as due to the recent google updates i've begun to concentrate on ranking youtube videos and squidoo lenses until the dust settles, but there's always the risk that these can get deleted, so if you added what i mentioned it would save me having to rebuild links every time. Please consider adding it anyway, thanks :)
  • i am totally not a expert, but the google changes affected me quite heavy as well, however rather then changing exisiting links or put a removal there wouldnt it be smarter if you just ran some more generic word projects for some time. I actually believe that a removed / deleted link is not really doing you any good.
  • I believe we can use both if Sven see the possibility to remove the backlink or to change the anchor texts, Both will help, links removals is great too domains that got deindexed for example a crappy article directory if you have 100 of those it will hurt your site... It will be great to have Delete Option or change the anchor text and i think that anchor text we can submit a spinnable one to make it more unique
  • @sven i saw that you are adding this to GSA finally thanks a lot it is a great feature.
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