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Send Email on Available Update

edited November 2013 in Feature Requests

I think a good feature would be the sending of an email to a specified address when there's an update available. I would imagine that many people, myself included, run this on a VPS, so this could save time of logging in to remote desktop to see if there's something worth doing.

It would also be nice to have a changelog available to see without logging in and out, so having the bug fixes and extra features in the email would be good.



  • to have a changelog (= version history) online available to see what NEW features or fixes are in an available upgrade may be an excellent feature.

    sometimes to download an upgrade may take up to a few hrs and some of the new features may only be for a selected group of users.

    the current changelog (= version history) is offline = only available AFTER download as part of the upgrade = too late to make a decision to skip an upgrade
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