How can I target specific country for backlinks?

The title said it all. I other words, I want to target France in this case. How do I setup the GSA SER settings to target ONLY France backlinks beside choosing the SE and set my content to French?

I already have EMD domain related to my niche and contains my targeting keyword inside the domain in France, but it's with .net extension not .fr , do this will impact on my rank on Google later?

I read on BHW, we need to fill "!.fr" variable on GSA options at "skip sites contains this words in URL/Domain" to get France backlinks only. Is that true? 

PS: @s4nt0s can you help me for this case a little bit mate? I appreciate it your help guys.


  • anyone can help me? No body can answer my question here? @Sven maybe?
  • on the options tabs you can select countries that you don't want to submit to.  The option for this is towards the bottom of the page. 
  • Accepted Answer
    Yes, what you read on BHW is correect. You add !.fr and any other French TLDs in a line (no commas) and tick the box that's says skip sites. I know it sounds wrong but the ! makes it the opposite so you only get .fr domains.

    I do this with a variety of extensions ie. !.edu !.gov !.org ! ! etc etc Obviously the LPM will go down but you will get the locale you want. I recommend this for T1 or money site links, high PR, low OBL then change it up every few days so you're not just getting PR4+ .fr domains, a little diversity ie. PR1 and PR0 will be good.
  • Thanks for great answer guys, appreciate it! Will try for sure as soon as I got my articles ready for web 2.0 campaign for tier 1@JudderMan
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