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Ok guys which captcha provider is best to use with GSA.  I find that even with captcha sniper I burn an enormous amount of captchas.  i was wondering if there was something that I was missing.  I understand that there is a surcharge with decapther but even with deathby captcha I found it outrageous. 
Could someone please shed light on the please?


  • I use both and deathbycaptcha. They are both the cheapest solutions around. The only way you can keep costs down is by using Captcha Sniper, but not by much.
  • I'm using Captcha Sniper ALONE. Getting a decent number of links. But just wondering if I'm missing out on any kind of links by not using a paid captcha (other than Captcha Sniper) service?
  • thanks for the information
  • jonathanjon- yes....a huge amount. Captcha Sniper doesn't solve that many captchas, but can keep your costs lower on paid captcha services if used in conjunction.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
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    @grafx77 - do you have any rough numbers? (like CS solves 30% and DBC solves xx%) 

    This is why I'd like a per project basis of extracting failed submissions. First let CS give it a go 6 times. THEN if fails it saves the target URL and I can then run to a project where I set ShaniBPO or DBC onto the target URL. 
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    @globalgoogler why not cs retry 6 times and then dbc x1?
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I have CS set to 6x. :-) Still trying to resolve the CS settings when you use another service. But got it solved now. 
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