Alexa Rank

Hi guys,

I think that Alexa Rank is a very important factor in addition to PR selecting and would be a very strong combination on choosing best sites to target.
What do you think?

Maybe Sven will consider this.


  • I personally don't take Alexa Rank as a important stats, it provide result far from accurate in my experience.
  • Alexa Rank is a measure of traffic and if a site has traffic and high PR, that will be a good idea to have your link on.

    For example this forum has 8,704 Alexa Rank which means that it has tens of thousands of visitors per day.
    Facebook has 2 Alexa Rank. How may visitors per day, they have? :)
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    Is there a chance that SER include an Alexa filter ( like the PR one in option) in a future update ?

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