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Ability to provide feedback on link submission successs/failure and suggestions to fix it

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It woudl be great to have the ability to provide feedback on link submission highlighting areas to improve the convesion rate and depending on the return message with possible solutions:
  • a project is getting too many failed submissions
  • setting are not correct or it can be tweaked to improve submission rate
  • captcha problems (lost connection with the captcha provider)
  • proxy problems (so you might need to scrape new proxies or existing private proxies have been banned by google)
  • success rate can be improved by expanding scrape footprint
  • not enough content spining
Also a summary of the campaign results
# forums sumitted/verified
# social bookmarks sumitted/verified



  • SvenSven
    sorry but thats something the program is not able to do as this would depend on to much things. How should the program know that e.g. the success rate can be improved by XYZ? Sorry that sounds much to complicated if not impossible.
  • edited August 2012
    Hmmm there would be theoretically solutions for this problem:

    • Too many failed submissions: Create a db (of all people using SER) and display the median and let the user set min values to which trigger a notification. In a perfect world this would be possible based on each plattform.
    • Suboptimal content: Show hints/warnings if content contains too many links is too small or too big
    • Captacha Provider: Check if a connection works shouldn't be a huge problem...
    • Proxy Problem: When google searches are failing (set min values defined by user) trigger a notification
    • Content spinning: If content is not enough spun display a warning

    I think such features would be usefull as I mentioned here ( too. I know this is much work and I'm sure users a willing to pay for such extra options which make our life easier.
  • Yes, I agree with this. These are just suggestions to improve the tool and the UI.  Could it be added to the product roadmap?

    hope this makes sense
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