Bandwidth limit

I love this update! Would it be possible to limit the total bandwidth instead of 'per thread' ?

For example i want to limit my network to 20Mb, but when i limit it per thread then its like bottlenecking threads if you don't use the 20Mb all the time(it only needs to limit when it gets over 20Mb's or like 19/18).

I hope i explain it so its understandable... :)


  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Yes I know what you mean but thats not possible as each thread is counting it's bytes sent, I can not make it global for now sorry.
  • Hi @Sven, just a question about this 'bandwidth limit' option. If I check this and set it to 256 kb/s(per thread), will it just slow down the downloading/uploading? Or if a thread goes over 256 kb/s, then it will be terminated?
  • SvenSven
    it just slows things down, not aborting any threads.
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