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Why are there tons of submitted but only 1 verified on new server?

I just moved gsa over to my new server (stopped on, old one of course not to be a naughty boy!) and when i began a project i notice there aere tons of submitted but only one verified.

There was 450 submitted to 1 verified.

This is the same sort of crap i got when I was using self scraped lists so i dont know why its playing this trick on me when scrpaing with gsa?

The options and project settings are just the same as on old as I copy and pasted them.

So what could be causing this?

Loads of subs and non verifying?

For contrast on the old server a recent project shows 130 subbed to 60 verified.

Im thinking if I can solve this it might ramp up the lpm on the new server cos those submitteds were going up like lightening but my lpm was still as bad as on the other server.


  • never  mind my email was banned. doh!
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  • No actually seemed to be the same :(. I was just having lunch and will try with the settings you gave me before drawing any other conclusions.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    Probably low quality blog comments, or high moderation platforms. Try some Drupal - Blog, Burning Board, and MediaWiki, those should get you some verifieds.
  • Still the same shit. any one have any ideas why?
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