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My GSA SER Results (Month 1)

Having tried the trial this time last year, GSA SER was on my list of tools to buy but never got round to it - I was a sucker for Senuke XCR and my fancy templates that could rank sites within a few weeks. I've now stopped using XCR almost completely. Retired wikibomber, sbbomber, IMSlave, and stopped buying links, press release syndication services and finally, I've ditched DBC, as it was draining cash like mad. I've saved around £300pm from captchas, high PR manual link buying and binned 4 of the 5 VPSs I had.I have many clients and lots of my own sites, and have been running various test domains with SER to find out what works in what order, with what settings etc etc. 

I am seeing good results from churn and burn sites, ranking for medium competition keywords within 10 days (lead gen for national car sales related kws). I am seeing horrendous results with websites on WordPress across many different niches and different hosting accounts. 
I'm seeing amazing results for very difficult niches, (finance/loans) in the UK, but for the same keywords in the US, the results are terrible.

I know this will be down to the recent updates and not SER/my settings etc and previous link-building, but it's weird to see and needs lots of more testing and tweaking to get right. I know that not all niches respond to the same link-building.

After only a month with SER, I'm already planning on scaling it up by replicating my VPS set up and buying more SER licenses. I'm very impressed despite my SEO buddies thinking that users of SER will be penalised in some way by Google. I can't see that happening yet, it didn't happen with XCR, as long as you created your own web 2.0 network, changed templates and spun the content/titles very carefully.

Overall, I'm very happy with SER and would recommend it, however, if there is a way that Google can decipher the way and 'style' that SER works and penalises the site(s) that are being promoted/boosted in the SERPs then I would hope that people that own an SER license are careful and don't ruin it for the rest of us. 

That's all.


  • Agreed with you... SER is the best and beat all the rival software at the moment.. with regular update and consistently improved.. and not forget.. low price (one time payment)...what more can you say? it's simply the best... i am planning to buy second license

    Really salute to Sven and developer behind this software... you have done really good job and delivered to user... i hope it continues to improve constantly
  • SvenSven

    Of course I continue to improve the software, thanks for your kind words :)

    But also take note that my SEO knowledge is really limited. All I do is listening to the guys on this forum mainly to add features and improve things. So also thanks to the great community on this forum.

  • goonergooner
    @judderman - Much like you i have used SER to almost entirely replace every other link building tool i used and partly replace an entire outsourcing team too. So yea SER is awesome and Sven is a brilliant developer :)

    With regards penalised sites, my experience is that sites that have been penalised before will be hard to recover and will be ultimately penalised again. The only sites that got penalised during the last update were sites that had been hit before, at least for me.

    Prior to that update i was using SER for 1 - 2 months on various sites and none of those suffered. What i have noticed though is that SER alone is sometimes not enough to rank you. If that's the case, add high PR links or quality press releases, video distribution, web 2.0 etc as your tier1 and let SER build tier 2/3 links to those and you can rank fairly easily for most keywords.

    Hope it helps...
  • Cheers guys :)@gooner I found that the press release syndication site I was using (from BHW) was awesome in its delivery but had zero impact on SERPs or traffic. I agree that adding extra bits and bobs in to the link-building process will work, but for now, I'm trying to hone my SER settings and tier system to rank with it only.

    Forgot to add above, the US finance site was on WordPress....and was hit hard but the UK finance site (same keywords) is ranking like mad.
  • goonergooner
    @judderman - Makes sense, i haven't tested press releases lately so that could be the case across the board. I've been building my own high pr blog network and that works for sure.

    I use WP exclusively, although clients sometimes have other platforms - So i don't think you can narrow it down to Wordpress sites. What i think is happening is that the rankings are still in limbo somehow, based on past updates all will return to normal soon and you'll be able to rank sites in the same way/timescale... i hope!
  • Maybe it was just the industry (smartphone repair) but the press releases did nothing, even though they were in Google News and syndicated to 2-300 PR sites. 

    That's next on my list of things to do, my own high PR network.

    I hear you about WPress, I was just reporting on what I've seen across 30+ sites. My SEO site is on WP and was the only one that went up. All others lost rankings but mostly their homepage rankings, it's almost as if all the links pointing at the homepage were deleted and inner pages (contact us, t&cs) are ranking for the main terms. I'm hesitant to delete/disavow any links but I have no idea how to get the homepages back again. They were ranking for very big keywords across an all manner of niches.

    I agree that I think the update is still going on. I'm seeing weird results in when searching for stuff, ie. when I try to buy something, I'm getting results from USA, Australia and many other countries. It's been a month of this crappy SERP results, it better sort itself out soon! 
  • goonergooner
    I've just bought an aged domain for iphone repair, so don't say that! lol

    Maybe better to start again with new domains if you haven't invested too much time and money in the old ones.

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