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Catch All email

Would there be any advantage / risk in using a catch all email set up on an old domain I no longer use?

How many times do you think this could be used?

I'm a little confused with the email options, at the moment I just use the one automatically created with each project and haven't seen any problems. Should I be using more than 1 email per project - what are the advantages of doing so?


  • I've also just realised that the default email that is added with a new project has no login details - yet I am getting accounts created?
    How does this work - should I be replacing this email with my own for better results?
  • The email that gets created by default is from a temporary email provider. Such accounts are accessible by anyone and aren't meant to be used as fully fledged accounts. See here for more:

    I only use such mails for blog comment/guestbook campaigns. For contextuals etc I find you get much better results using your own POP accounts or catch alls.
  • thank you cherub
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