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Well, two questions actually

1) What configuration do I need for a sensible, usable VPS ?. There seems to be anything from 0.5 gb up to 4gb memory. Is it just a case of more memory = more throughput or is there a minimum memory requirement to run GSA SER ?

2) I read a discussion on the board where people were saying that an EU server would be slow to the US and now I've got myself confused. The VPS is running the software and talking to search engines etc. I'm in the UK but that's surely irrelevant if I'm using US & UK search engines ?. Should I be looking at a US or EU located VPS ?

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  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    1) 0.5gb is a bit to less (but could work as well). I would take 2gb as a maximum required.

    2) the VPS can be anywhere. Remember that we offer a special offer for a VPS here -

  • since i start loving my SER, i want to gift it with more Server Ressources, so what would SER like more, RAM or more CPU cores
  • SvenSven
    more cpu
  • oiloil
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    strange enough that SER acts like a typical woman and always prefers the more expensive gifts, right?

    thx a lot

  • ok got my new VPS but when I fill in the licence info and restart like it says it always come back with demo version. I used to run it on my home computer and it registered the licence just fine. Gsa is not running on my pc while I try to register on vps.  help!!
  • Just a quick addition for the OP, Server location wont effect how GSA SER runs, but it will effect how responsive the remote desktop is. If the connection between your pc and your server is poor, then you will experience lag when trying to set things up, eg a button click might take a while to do anything, though the software will still run at the same speed. 
  • SvenSven
    @Koz, that would only happen if something is restricting the program to store the license data (running in a sandbox) or if you didn't copy/paste the license data into the fields.
  • i turned off the firewall and typed in the license, still demo mode on vps. Is there a licence file i could copy from my pc with my licence in it and paste it on my vps?
  • SvenSven
    @Koz, no sorry thats impossible as license file is named differently on each system + crypted depending on many hardware ids.
  • thx Sven everything is fine now
  • Koz -  Can you share how you sorted this problem out?  I'm on powerupvps, disabled firewall, copy/paste license info, then restarted program and still am in demo mode.

    Thanks -


  • Scratch that Koz - got it going!
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    Had the same vps problem ended up being because when you enter your reg info it's case sensitive.. *face palm* lol
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