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Does GSA Find New URLs on Verified Domains


Just a functionality question - when I import a list of verified URLs into a project, does (or can through settings) GSA look for new opportunities on that domain or is it purely from the URL it's fed?  I understand that articles, profiles etc will make a new page but what about comments, wikis, forums, guestbooks etc where links get dropped on an existing page?

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  • This would be extremely useful to know - I'm keen if anyone has an answer too!
  • SvenSven
    For Blog comments, the program tries to find an alternative URL on the same host if filters prevent posting (to many outgoing links or alike). Though for other types of sites it makes no sense as own pages will be created anyway (profile, blogs).
  • Thanks @Sven .. so say you're trying to post to drupal - you decide to import: as a target

    Will the software just look for a register form at that url or will it try some random alternatives like, etc

    If so, does it do these from a list in a txt file or does it crawl the target url imported?
  • SvenSven

    1st it searches for a register link

    2nd almost in any engine (not only drupal) it uses one fixed URL as alternative. All defined in the engine script.

  • Thank you very much Sven - really appreciate the reply, top chap!
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