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Starting for 3 month old website with GSA ranker

Q1) How many links I need to build in 1st Month and which network I have to target

Q2) using and ,is it good to use these combination in first month ?

Q3) My competitors have 90,000 Backlinks, What you suggest How I start to beat this, how many links per month I need to build, 

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  • A safe approach:

    go for pr1+ contextual links
    power up your "do-follow" T1 with 20 to 50 T2s
    Treat your tiers with respect, give them the same treatment as your MS gets, ppl tend to use crap guestbook, forum profiles and other crap in tiers, I'll advice you not to do it unless you know exactly what you are doing.

    Start with 30 verified/day and after 2 weeks start creating your t2 and bellow.

    After 6 weeks check your rankings. This is the time when you'll know what to do to beat your competition.

    Try to diversify your backlink profile. Create web2.0 on high pr/authority domains using serengines and backlinks the hell out of them. Diversify your anchor text.

  • Ovidius  what about diversity . If we build links in tier 1  only on web 2.0 contextual isn't it a sort of footprint for google ? And would be that enough to rank  ? Yeah people here saying they rank for 100k exact keywords by using only SER , so it must be working somehow . but am still in doubt  .
  • @ovidius , For "do-follow" T1, this will create by GSA or manaully I need to do, sorry I am new to SEO, I am learning still these terms.
    IN GSA Ranker, how we know which is PR1 and which things are PR2, as I know Web 2.0 is PR2 am I right ?
  • dimitribanks there are different contextual platforms on ser, not only web2.0 . Aim for 1000+ different domains and you'll see the real power of ser. You can rank 100k exact keywords only with ser, don't expect it to happen over night.

    ismaelhaider all the links are created with SER.

    PR is a google thing; have a look what tiers are here:

  • Thanks, NowI started Projecr in GSA Ranker,
    1) Article 
    2)Blog Comment
    3)Document Sharing
    4)Social Network

    I Have selected these option, also I generated keywords from Internet business promotor tool, there is alot of keywords and I copied all of them an d pasted,now there is option in GSA Use Keyword as Anchor text or Main keyword as Anchor text, whats your suggestion.

    Its asking for Forums User and pass, Will GSA create auto user/pass and verify ?

    AM I going to right direction for PR1 +Contextual links ?
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