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Scheduler Not Scheduling

davbeldavbel UK
edited October 2013 in Bugs
Hi @sven

In the last two versions of SER, (6.97 & .96) the scheduler seems to be ignored and all projects end up running regardless of seetings

e.g. I have the scheduler set at 15 projects every 20 mins but after leaving it to run for a while I end up having every single active project running

Then when I click stop on the scheduler, any posting / searching / verifying activity seems to stop, but SER just seems to send 1000s of pings

This screen print was about 10 mins after clicking stop on the scheduler and then clicking the red X to close the scheduler window:



  • SvenSven
    Hard to find the problem as this never happened here. But I do my best for upcoming version.
  • Hi @Sven
    It's a CB issue...

    I didn't notice until I've just spotted the update available message, but CB got stuck at 2am ish with a captcha.  Didn't see what it was, but I'll run the debug setting and send you the files.

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