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Verificaton Not Successful

I recently changed it from "verifications reached in a day" to "submissions reached in a day". I realized that getting 50 verified links a day for my tier 1 might be too much, which is why I wanted to change it to 50 submissions a day. But when I did so I got this error all the time.

What is causing this?

For all my projects I'm using "submissons reached in a day" and I set it to verify links automatically
Here is a screenshot of my settings:

These are the errors:


  • SvenSven

    Next time use pastebin for the log (done that for you).

    Anyway the "Verification failed" is just normal. Nearly all the links are from engines that are moderated. So you have to wait till the links are present or the program removes them as it sees them not being placed.

  • Alright, I will just let it run and hope that it will soon be over with. Thank for the answer!
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