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Running v6.96 Keeps Saying v6.97 is Available

I went to the C:\Program Files\GSA Search Engine Ranker and run the Search_Engine_Ranker.exe and it opens but says that version 6.97 is available and if I say Yes to download it, it downloads, then runs the old version 6.96 again and keeps prompting me there is 6.97 available.

GSA keeps doing this and the is only 1 Search_Engine_Ranker.exe on my hard drive.

I looked at the properties for Search_Engine_Ranker.exe and it says it's version 6.97

What is the problem or fix for this?


  • Same here man. Been happening since I got up this morning. Whatever I try it won't update. Just keeps prompting me to update even though it just updated...

    Anyway, sure there will be a fix a'comin :)
  • I'm getting the same problem too
  • SvenSven
    fixed sorry.
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