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Using GSA For Brand New Adult Themed Site?

Hi all,

Got GSA yesterday, still need to sort out a VPS & private proxies before I kick off with a campaign .. just got a few questions on first time usage.

I've just built a new adult product store, no porn, just the usual vibrating wobbly things, novelties, lotions etc.

I was wondering what's the link building best strategy to use GSA on a new adult site like mine?

I know opinion differ on using this software for building 1st tier links, but if I'm careful, start off slowly & target decent PR & low OBL pages, hopefully it shouldn't be a problem .. er .. yes or no?

Also, it was a nice surprise to find adult-video now added under submissions, is this mostly for profile links?

While I'm at it, rather than start a new post ... can I ask for recommendations on a good VPS & Private Proxies service?

I'm thinking about using TrustVM for a VPS, their virtual basic machine is only $11 pm (Memory: 1GB, Disk Space: 60 GB) .. but something tells me I'll need the $20 (2GB - 120GB) option?

Last question .. (honest) .. Blimey, private proxies are flippin' expensive, what's the minimum monthly amount I can get away with?

Thanks for any advice.

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