Cannot update GSA


I cannot update GSA & GSA Captcha breaker. It have problem as below picture.
anyone else have the same error with me?


  • Just close the program and reopen it again
  • yes, I tried every methods, even I re-installed but they're useless. I use GSA on 3 VPS and all of them have the same error
  • happens here almost each upgrade
    IMO SER server overloaded = timeout of download

    this happens specially when using upgrade immediately after NEW  upgrade announced
    I guess all SER world waiting anxiously for sven's newest features :)

    sometimes I repeat download by SER or browser up to 8+ times with same results
    up to 2+ hrs sometimes almost full download = then broken download
    currently there is NO option to pause / resume upgrade download
    hence we have to start from scratch each download attempt = waste of SER server resources ....

    my solution for successful upgrade:

    wait half day with upgrade, then repeat again

    other solution could be to offer download by torrent = NO SER server burden and faster download for all,
    we had that topic of torrent upgrades in another thread in forum and it appears ppl lack basic education in professional use of torrent
    hence we stuck with interrupted downloads

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