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GSA Does not post link as frequent as it used to be .

My setting is simple  

Tier 1 > I only select 1 platform for each project. (Someone told me this will be better as GSA often get mix up ) 

Example 1 project i choose document sharing. 
PR 3 + OBL <100  <-- this is the only filter setting i put , other i leave uncheck , i also enter 100k most common search keyword ) I also select all English search engine. More detail below......

Result ? 
  • 2 link after 2 weeks  - For Document sharing 
  • 11 links after 2 weeks - Social bookmark
  • 9 links after 2 weeks Social Network 

I do not check:
  • Collect keywords from target site
  • user collected keywords etc
  • put keyword in quote 
  • continuously try to post to a site even if failed before 
  • send verified link to index service
  • always use keywords to find target site 
  • User URLS linking on same verified URL
  • Analyse and post to competitor backlink

I am using private proxy, tested passed google. 


  • SvenSven

    This "only one engine from types" is not required. The program treats sites by category by default. That was not the case in very old versions and there you could have build more links from one type of sites due to the fact that more engines have been added there. 

    Anyway I don't know what engines you have chosen or logs here. Thats whats more interesting.

  • gsasupporter  try adding more keywords to your list , scrape some from google . Lower your PR settings and rise your OBL . This should help you to start moving again  :)>-
  • edited October 2013
    Dimitrtibanks, i had 100k keyword, you tell me that not enough?
    For the PR and OBL That is for Tier 1. 
    I am not expecting 100 link, but at least 5 link a day? 

    Even for my Tier 3 , 
    PR 0 , OBL 250 . I get only 11 link a day? with 100k keyword
  • @sven Awaiting your feedback . 
  • In the general options of GSA
    I would increase the number of threads. I personally use 90 threads.
    I would also uncheck to ping websites. I have done some experiments and i have the feeling it only slows down GSA. 

    My settings difference with yours:
    I decided to also uncheck the minimum PR because Google does not update websites PR as much as before. For instance, The PR has been updated only once this year, on February 2013. So, it means that a site created in march 2013 may have a PR in the google system, but you don't see it on the google PR bar. Consequently, today, a PR does not mean the website is banned by google. For banned websites, i activated the blacklist check from GSA. 
    I also don't use any links limits. It is a personal choice. 

    I did not check web 2 & video. 

    my LPM is: 11 to 25
  • I'm submitting over 2000+ per day per site...ranking 1st page for hosting terms, youtube videos, loan niches, and over 1 mil+ exact match keywords...this is all after penguin if there's something wrong with your link campaign, it's probably not GSA, it's probably your settings. 

    Test your settings until you find something that works. 
  • Why don't you share with me your setting and see what the issue. 
    I follow most of the guide here. , didnt get it work. 
  • BTW, Submit or verified ? If submitting 2k link get you 10 verified link something is wrong 
  • I am getting "no urls to show (Project might not saved to disk)" When i click show verified link. Anyone know why ? 
  • SvenSven

    You have to stop the project sometimes to see the verified URLs.

    But form the settings shown all seems to be OK, execept "PR for SubDomain". I would change that to "Domain". Also enable the option to get targets from verified urls. At least try it and see if it helps. Than I see you use "google AR" ? Isn't your project consisting of English Keywords? If so, use just search engines in your loanguage.

  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    Right-click on the search engine list and Select All. try this... I bet it increases your LpM massively.

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