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GSA Breaker Wont Work.

I just purchased GSA Ranker + GSA Indexer, I downloaded GSA Captcha Breaker Trial and when i came to set it up ... and i pressed test it does not work it gives me error 

some people on other forums said close skype, I have tryed that still no luck?... wat to do?

Thanks in advance.


  • bloupbloupbloupbloup Spain
    edited October 2013

    Here is my advice:
    Go to GSA search engine ranker and GSA captcha breaker folders. Copy the 2 shortcuts on your desktop.

    Then, Go to each of the shortcuts properties pane. Click on advanced. Click on "run as administrator". 

    Then, always start GSA earch engine ranker and GSA captcha breaker by clicking those desktop shortcuts. then, you can un check the web server box in GSA captcha breaker config.

    This is how it works on my windows 8.1
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