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How to Avoid Too Many Contextual Links?


I use KM to scrape / spin content and at the same time place 1 contextual backlink within the body of each spun article. All done with KM.

The issue I have is that after importing the ready made theme into GSA I can`t figure out how to turn of the placement of contextual links (or links in general) before submitting the articles with GSA, given the fact that I already did that with KM. I guess that it is not clever having 2 contextual links (pointing to the same URL) inside 100s of submitted articles, as Google will quickly regard it as spam.

I wonder if an experienced member can help me out. Sorry if this problem was already solved here.



  • SvenSven
    If there is a %link% macro in your content, than GSA SER will not insert another one.
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