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Feature Request: Checkbox to activate/deactivate the automatic inclusion of the URL

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Hey guys,

it would be great if there would be a checkbox to activate or deactivate the automatic implementation of the URL at the end of article/blogposts/wikis etc.

Right now I'm editing the .ini's, but it's quite the hassle, because you gotta do it after every update. Would be great if there would be a box where you can choose if you want to auto add the URL at the end of the article.



  • SvenSven
    Just use the variable %url% and the program will not add it. It only adds that if you don't have any %url% placed.
  • Hey Sven,

    thanks for the quick response. However, we actually don't want to use any URL from the URL field/list, as we work with pre-defined links in our articles (our VAs implement them). Is there an option for that?  

  • Just backup your ini edits to a seperate folder, then when you update, you can restore your edits.
    Or prefix the file names of your edits with 'custom_' or similar so they dont get overwritten.
    If you do that just make sure you only select your engines or the original ones when running, not both.

  • SvenSven
    Why would someone want to submit articles that have no link of the once from the project? I just don't get it.
  • Because we have the links already in the article 
  • Replace your "hardcoded" link then by the variable %url% and it's inserted automatically (and not posted at the end).
  • SvenSven

    And why would you not add %url% instead of the real link to the article?

  • Well,

    we have our staff insert our URLs (it's a lot of them and always new ones = Tier1 Links) into the articles we use with GSA. So we just have to copy and paste the article into the specific field without adding all the URLs into the URL field. I know you can add them like{anchor1|anchor2}. 

    But it's always new URLs and we have a streamline process with our team that I don't want to change right now.

    It was just a suggestion, it's definitely not needed if I'm the only one asking for it. Editing the ini's works for me too. But asking never hurt anyone 


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Interesting discussion. I have been wondering if it's better to have the link in the article or in the article or at the end. 

    Best Practice - should we add a custom URL in the article? Or just let GSA hang a URL at the end?
  • It's more natural to have it inside the article because then it's context relevant. At the end it looks clearly like a "marketing post". I'm using %url%.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Bytefaker - Thanks! So I should insert %URL% within my article. Are you using an HTML code version or just a plain link? 

    ALSO - How many links are you using per article?
  • %url% inserts automaticaly the needed variant (plaintext or html). This is a nice feature and that's what the variables are for.

    In articles I wouldn't use more than 3 links. Personaly I'm using two.
  • Gonna try it with %URL%  then.

    can we assign certain URLs that I imported, i.e. %URL1% is for the first link that I imported, %URL2% for the 2nd. etc. pp?
  • edited August 2012
    Quick question:

    I added %URL% at the end of the article and imported my URLs via{anchor1|anchor2} in the given field.

    However, now I only have the raw URL as the link at the end of the article without the specified anchors - how exactly do I insert the Url with the specific anchor text instead of just the Url? What's the correct token to use?

    Will <a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a> use the correct anchors for each url?
  • SvenSven
    Yes it will use the correct anchor text. But it will also use the generic/natural anchors sometimes if you enabled that option.
  • Great, thanks!
  • I think the main problem is that some fields are used for several platforms that require different link format.

    For example, it seems impossible to get rid of the automatic implementation of the URL in the "About yourself" field, as some plateforms will require [%url% %anchor_text], some others <a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a>, [url="%url%"]%anchor_text%[/url]...
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Bytefaker - can you give an example of the HTML code and token you are using? (as @mozzer said, there are variations in platforms)
  • SvenSven
    mozzer, actually thats not the problem. a link format can be defined in each engine. see the wiki engines e.g.
  • Sven, do you mean by manually editing the engine files ?
  • SvenSven
    edited August 2012
    You don't have to. Thats all handled by the program. You will always add your links by the normal html syntax. The program translates it into wiki format, markdown, bbcode or whatsoever before submission.
  • Good to know, thanks Sven.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Bytefaker - can you give an example of the HTML code and token you are using? 
  • As Sven said 
    <a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a> SER is doing the rest :)
  • edited August 2012
    I created a custom template now, like m3ownz suggested - it's incredibly awesome that GSA just adds a new category in the menu on the left, while it keeps the original files as they are.

    Now we can have a targeted Web 2.0+Bookmarks Campaign using the custom files awithout changing our articles.

    Also finally figured out all tokens, basically my fields are only tokens now and everything gets called over files and folders. It's a bit like xRumer - i'm loving it. Fking great tool.

  • edited August 2012
    I've just made a quick test with %spinfolder-C...% <a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a> %spinfolder-C...% in the "About yourself" field and selected wikis + burning board.

    Even if the %url% variable is present in the field, the automatic inclusion at the end is still enabled.

    I didn't have the time to test with other platforms/fields.


    It appears that it only works with the "Article" field, not with "About Yourself", "Forum Comment", "Image Comment"... Is it possible to extend this feature to every content fields ?
  • When i put 
    <a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a> in article twice, I get the same url and anchor. How put different url/achor?
  • SvenSven
    the url and anchor is chosen before the submission. this is important because the verifier must know what to verify later on. Im sorry but technical this is not changeable.
  • Hmm,

    so why some people here are using two links in article? IMO if both are the same there is no point doing it.
  • SvenSven
    you can still use a fixed link/anchor there without the variables. Thats what I use. I put some links in it from other pages with same topic.
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