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Tier 1 LINK - Can someone give me a CLEAR example on how to make a good TIER 1 LINK for a BLOGSPOT

Hello Everyone,

I'm realy interested to know how to exactly create a Tier 1 backlink for a blogspot or wordpress site. If possible, kindly provide me a good example of a Tier 1 link that can be linked directly to money site. 

I'm on my 5th day on running GSA SER and I've ranked 20+ videos already (so happy with the results) and now I want to target ranking my blogspot sites and wordpress sites.

Looking forward to everyone's success!

- Julz


  • bloupbloupbloupbloup Spain
    edited October 2013
    First of all,

    At the footer of every blog there is an external link to
    This means that if you had a link your money sites you will only get 50% of the link juice. So i would recommend to add several external links to your money site. I think 4 would be good as:

    4/ (4+1) * 100 = 80%. You would get 80% of the link juice you will build. 

    Then, i recommend to define a topic that is really different from your money site because you don't want that your blogspot blog pages compete with your money site pages. 

    Then, create one post and put your links to your money site in it. You will use this URL in GSA for sending TIER 2 links to this articles. 

    Using this technique, you can keep on writing new posts in your blog and it will not affect your link flow to your money site. 

    Your moneysite is about men clothes.
    You create ad hoc blog topics. For instance, one about socks, one about workers shoes, one about hats. 
    You create an article for each with several links in it.
    In GSA, you create a project and in the target url field, you add all your articles URLs (in this case there are 3) from your blogspot blogs. 
    You don't add any anchor texts to those blogs because you don't want contextual linking from TIER 2 to TIER 1 but generic linking like "visit my website". 
    If you want you can add in your target URL a link to your money site and add #{anchortext1|anchortext2|anchortext3} in the URL field of options after your moneysite url in order to get anchor texts for your money site only.
  • bloupbloup,

    You provided me with really HQ response I hope I can thank you enough! I've been waiting for such answer and I just wanna say a big THANKS to you! You're really helpful to new people like me.

    I will do what you say! Thanks alot again!

  • bloupbloupbloupbloup Spain
    edited October 2013
    It is normal to help you @julz. The better our technique is & the better it is undetectable by google. It is good for all of us to share. 

    I tell you so because i have created by the past spun articles using GSA for TIER 1. Then, i looked at the articles that was created. I thought to myself: "it really looks black hat. One day or another google will hit spun articles. Then, i discovered google patented a technology to detect spun articles". So i decided to come back to manual TIER 1 blogs and sent backlinks to it and it works well. It also looks completely natural when it is done well. 

    If you create an article / a page and if after all you find it looks spammy or too close to your money site, stop sending links to it and create another article because when you create content and send backlinks to it, you also increase the numbers of visitors. Your blogs also get a pagerank. So, it is important to add it to webmaster tools. For safety, i have created a second gmail account to follow my TIER 1. 

    Manual blogs can be monetized too: 
    For instance, let's imagine you have a money site where you sell chinese tyres. 
    You can have a blog about alloy wheels with an article in it that links to your chinese tyres. Since you send backlinks to the allow wheels blog, it will also get some link juice. Writing articles on alloy wheels can be useful from time to time and you can add google adsense to your blog to get some little money about and pay some bills at the end of the month thks to your tier 1.

    At last,
    It is always good to put your TIER 1 in question. If you create other TIER 1 to other website. If you think they can put a nofollow. If you think the bloghost will stop. If you think they will take down your blogs. 

    I tell you so because i have seen that some webmasters let you create articles where they are dofollow for 48 hours. Then, they run a job and put a nofollow. They do that to fool you and get all backlinks you create. Then, they keep all the link juice for them and they don't send anything to you. 

    They may also take the blog host down. They may take your blog down. They may also remove links... Everything is possible. 

    That's why it is important to 
    1. Diversify your TIER 1 site hosts (blogspot, jimdo, weebly,
    2. Always check your target URLs from your TIER 1 from time to time
    3. Try to create 10 pages for your TIER 1 from 10 domains. Thus, if you lose 1 page you will only lose 10% of your link juice.
    4. Take your time because quality and safety are better than quantity
    5. Don't be scared to remove one tier 1 URL from your target urls if you feel that something is wrong with the site webhost
    6. At last, select: "Pause the project after 10-15 verified links and check per URL". 

    So it will create 10 to 15 links for each TIER 1 articles which totally look natural.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    Also don't assume that quality T1s are needed to rank. Depends on the niche, you can get there in some niches with 200 blasted sh*t links.
  • @spunko2010
    I also directly send blog comments / guestbook comments / image comments to my money site. But i only send 15 backlinks of them everyday. 
    I use the Tier 1 pages to get more link juice. 
    But when you look at my website backlinks in majesticseo or ahrefs, you see that i get only 10 new domains everyday just like i was doing it manually :)
    So nobody can tell me that i m doing blackhat. Actually someone could manually enter blog comments and it would exactly look like blog comments generated by GSA. 
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    edited October 2013
    Well sorry to be a pedant but if you are generating auto links then you are black hat... ;)

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