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Question For The GSA Gurus - Scraping Related URLS For Niche Linking

Ok, trying to gear up for the Holiday season and I have 4 semi new Amazon stores I am trying to rank (meaning they been live for 2 months or less). I want to do some niche specific link building using GSA and here is what i am doing.

I go to Options-->Advanced-->Tools and select Search Online For URLS.

I then Put in my keyword foot prints *example 1* *example 2*

i select all english platforms

Then save it to file and will use that to post to.

Now my questions are these.

When doing the *keyword* footprints is it best to use ALL my keywords for that website OR do it 1 keyword PER LIST? Also should I add other keywords that I am not trying to rank for but are based on my niche, so this could be a list of 100 or more *keyword* footprints.

I see it scrapes blogs, web 2.0, forums etc. How will GSA know where to post to and do I need to check the correct box to post to as in majke sure forums box is checked, blog comments box is checked etc.

How long do you run it for? Do you stop after a certain amount of time?

How oftern do you use this list. Lets say I got a list of 400 URLS it scraped for my site. I use that list and post to it on Monday. Do I ever reuse this list since it will already have a link back to my site OR is it just a 1 time run and then I would have to build a new list from new keywords?

Any other tips you guys may have for niche link building from GSA please add to this list.

Thank you


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited November 2013
    For future reference if you have questions, its easier to answer them if you list them out one by one instead of paragraphs of text because we have to go back and reread everything and pick out the questions. :)

    1) I'm not sure I understand what you're asking but I think it depends on how you're building links. If you're building links to a certain page of your website that is based on a certain set of keywords, you can either scrape a specific list using only those keywords or use more broad terms to gather more targets. 

    Obviously getting relevant links are going to be more valuable than non-relevant links but sometimes depending on your niche it's not that easy to acquire super targets links. There's nothing wrong with using some more broad keywords to end up with more results.

    2) You can scrape those platforms and then select them in your project. You scrape forums and guestbooks then check those platforms in SER when creating your campaign. 

    3) Hard to say how long you should run it for but I would focus more on a steady link velocity and monitor your rankings. See how the sites moving with the links you're building and if you aren't seeing any changes try tweaking your campaign or mix in links that SER isn't capable of building. (social shares, high PR blog posts, etc)

    4) If you already post to the list then there is no need to hit it again with the same website. If you have some related YT videos or tier 1 properties you can hit those with it if you want but getting links from the same I.P. over and over isn't going to benefit you.

    If you have questions and nobody responds you can do @s4nt0s (or any other member name) and it alerts me that someone mentioned my username and I'll come check it out. Otherwise there are so many threads its hard to keep track of who has unanswered questions and who is waiting on a response, etc.

    Sorry for the long wait in a response. :(
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