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When using catchall email sometimes I get an error "error logging in pop3.


I 've heard a wonderful things about GSA so I purchased GSA SER yesterday and spent entire day setting up a campaign. Writing, re-writing, proxies etc but it's beside the point.

I started running the campaign and I am using a catchall email with domain hosted on my hosting account. So sometimes I see in the log "Error connecting to pop3". If I go in to the settings of the campaign and in the "email" tab and click on "test" email it checks out okay and says connected ok.

I am wondering where can I find the log and if it is a bug maybe you guys can fix it.



  • it probably isn't a bug;  more than likely it is your hosting; when verification starts you are making many connections-it maybe throttled down on your hosted side.  I am speaking from experience.  Moreover using your own hosting as a catchall is limited.  You will get spam complaints if you use gsa ser user heavy enough. Depending on your hosting, your catchall may get whacked.  True/verified from experience.  
  • I am my own hosting. I use my own control panel and catchall works fine when I am trying to connect to it via email client. I already tried.
    I doubt my catchall box get 'whacked' because server load is hardly ever gets above 8% 
    I think it might be a bug. Probably trying to log in to catchall using random email as a password. that would be the only reason behind that.

    If anybody could help me figure this out because I am thinking I am missing out on a lot of submissions because of that.
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