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Need help to improve LPM

Hey guys!

I recently purchased 10 private proxies from and unfortunately my LPM seems to be quite bad. It is around 7~10 atm. I am currently ranking videos so I simply mass blast backlinks. I have a VPS with 1 GBps port, 2 GB RAM & 2 core 3.2 GHz processor. I am not sure how people scrape target URLs as I failed to understand that even after checking some tuts. I don't have Scrapebox, although I have GScraper. I generated around 50k unique target links but they didn't help me improve my LPM. I would appreciate some hep in this matter. Here are some screenshots of my GSA settings:




The images are small because I am currently outdoor & using my small laptop. BTW, I am getting a lot of "Download Failed" & "No Engine Matches" error.


  • I would really appreciate some assistance in this matter.
  • Well without being an optimization guru, I would definitely uncheck the "continue to post to a site even if it failed" 
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    This is interesting as your stats are almost identical to mine. Same vps, same proxies and same low lpm :(.

    Still trying to figure this out myself as all ppl answer to me is 'keep testing' no other clues given.

    So perhaps we can compare notes in our testing.

    Some said add more projects. I added 80 new projects and still settled at the exact same lpm. Not sure what to try next.

    Im considering a meatier server with nice specs to see if that will do it but dont think i can afford it at the moment so will probably hold off for that for a while.
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    @PeterParker: I have tried running my GSA on one of my friend's VPS which had 8 core processor, 1 GBps port, 16 GB RAM and the result was same :(
  • goonergooner
    @sasuke24 - I would suggest you use proxies for everything. May not increase speed but will protect the VPS supplier from banning you.

    Do you have PR or OBL filters on?
  • ok lets do some things...

    in settings submission tick submission, PR checking, verification and private for everything
    in Project settings/ option : if a form field cant be filled select CHOOSE RANDOM, tick skip hard to solve captcha.

    in verified link don't use automatically you are doing a spam project... SER will spend a lot of time verifying so your LPM will be lower... use custom time and put 4,000

    if you are not using other indexers untick other indexers

    untick continuously try to post to a site even if failed before

    untick everything on proxy list option
  • Thanks for the help rodol. I have implemented the setting you provided and currently testing it out. BTW, I am seeing lots of "Download Failed" & "No Engine Matches" errors. Any possible way to solve these?
  • I am now getting around 5 LPM. Using the setting mentioned by rodol
  • yes thats a proxy problem, when you see a lot of download failed its because your proxies are banned... now that you are using proxies for everything (and you should).... i forget to tell you that you need to tick Custom time to wait between search engine query to at least 10 (you are burning your proxies without this)

    try lowering your threads to 90 or 80... and after that increase your threads till you find your sweet spot.
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    I am trying everything but still no improvement in LPM. @Sven I need your help please.
  • SvenSven
    @sasuke24 give me access to that system in pm and I have a quick look....easier for me.
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    @Sven I have sent you the information. Please check your inbox. Thanks for your support.

    I just restarted GSA. It always provide me 20 LPM for the first few minutes and then it goes downhill.
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