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Will a more beefy server increase lpm considerably?

Currently on a shared vps only basic stuff. 3.2gig 2 gig of ram.

Would upgrading to a quadcore, 1gig bandwidth, 32 gig ram crank up gsa's performance alot or would tehre be bottlenecks holding it back elsewhere?

Just working out if itll be worth the upgrade next month.


  • Would upgrading to a quadcore, 1gig bandwidth, 32 gig ram crank up gsa's performance alot or would tehre be bottlenecks holding it back elsewhere?

    I am for some reason compelled to respond to this.  upgrading to a quadcore with 1gig of bandwidth ,32 gig of ram will improve ser's performance there is no doubt about it.  I have dedicated duo core servers where I crank out lpm between 150 and 500 consistently.  The answer to your question is multipart as you implied.  There are other bottlenecks.  You can scour this forum and find what those bottlenecks are. 

    Suggestion- find out how to improve ser's performance with your current rig.  Investing in a better one will improve lpm.  It only makes sense more power->more output. But you would need to get some fundamental things in order to maximize the capabilities  of that new rig. 

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    ^ It's True.   remember SER is only 32 bit so can only handle 4 gigs of Ram.  I'm pretty sure that's correct if not someone please let me know.    So basically anything more than 6-8 gigs of ram is a waste imo.  However,  I do get servers with low amount of ram but pretty powerful CPU. 

    I've got some servers that I was paying around 500$ a month for and others that I was paying $189 for.   And they were both about the same performance wise.
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    Well I wouldnt be schoosing 32 gig of ram, it just that the package comes with 32gigs. i know most things its a waste but thats the package.

    I look at my current setup and im already at 100% cpu constantly so it onyl makes sense that a better cpu/more cores etc would help the cause.

    I know antoher thing is scraping your own lists but doing that I dont really see as faesible for a regualr thing since it destroys the hands free part. i think its better to just create more projects in SER instead.
  • gsa ser is 32-bit and will only utilize 2gb of ram (the program itself).  check your inbox as well
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  • check again lol; maybe I hit wrong person if so sorry
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    @peterparker - I went from VPS to 32gb Dedi and no it didn't improve performance that much because as people say: GSA doesn't use that much ram, CPU usage will always be your issue.

    I changed because i had a lot of projects but i've now found that 2x VPS far outperforms 1x Dedi.

    What i will say tho is your choice of VPS makes a big difference, get a quadcore VPS for best results.

    With regards scraping lists externally, i've found you can submit twice as many links but how many you get verified can fluctuate wildly. Yesterday 1 VPS got almost 150,000 verified links, today that same VPS has 38,000 with 5 hours left in the day. So, if you want consistency i would let SER scrape.
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    ^cheers for info..

    Ye ive done 2 vpses before with xrumer , but also doen quadcore dedi.

    im interested to see how dedi performs on gsa but 2 vps is anotehr option to considere i guess..

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