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How to format list of keywords to spintax

Hi all ! Can anyone advice how to spintax big list of kwds . I have already splitted 500k list of kwrds to 500 files by 1k  itch  . Now I can't get it right with BS . it's lags out every time . 


  • SvenSven
    new project->tools->spin convert->paste your keywords->"Lines -> Spin"
  • Sven  how much keywords i can convert at once for SER to not hing . And second . will the makro %spinfolder% work for this ? If i point it to kw file without syntax ?
  • Sven  yes it worked  . thanks  :D
  • We just made a public online version to generate a spintax from your keyword list.
    When you are not at home or you have no access to GSA you can use this:
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