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re GSA Indexer, Couple of quick questions please...

edited October 2012 in Need Help


I wonder if u can help please, as I have a couple of questions....

1. How long can it take for a site submitted to indexer tool to get indexed/found/spidered by google?

2. Is there a command like "inurl" or similar I can type into google to get a live "count" to show/demonstrate to client etc?

3. Is the indexer safe to use on new pages on a wordpress site (or postings) to get more backlinks fast, or should it just be used for HOME pages?

4. Will I get Google Slapped if I use it more than once on a site (say 2 weeks apart)?

5. Will it help videos on youtube etc to get ranked higher in Youtube & google if I put the video url into the indexer?

Many thanks


  • SvenSven

    1. Thats hard to say. Some get indexed the next day, some need longer, some never get indexed (might be some other issue with them though like deindexed domain or alike).

    2. No, use or alike services

    3. I would use it only for sites not indexed.

    4. Im not google, but usually not. Though I see no use in doing it twice for a site.

    5. No, it just helps to get things indexed

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